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Stories on the Power of Human Connection

by Grazer, Brian

Hollywood producer Brian Grazer is back with this follow-up to A Curious Mind and this time he discovers the power of eye contact to transform your relationships and create a personal connection with anyone you meet.

In his first book, A Curious Mind, Grazer wrote about the value of curiosity. You can connect with anyone just by discovering what they are curious about. Now, he a new hidden truth to teach us: the power of human eye contact. At the time when we have 5,000 Facebook friends we never met, or follow 1,000 people on Twitter and Instagram we've never met, Brian talks about how the personal connection - face to face, eye to eye - is crucial to be successful and a happier, well-balanced person.

We've often heard about the importance of looking someone in the eye when we speak to them. The benefits of eye contact, however, are deeper than many assume. Research suggests that children who are deprived of eye contact at an early age have a greater risk of depression. Using stories from his conversations with people like Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Bono, Denzel Washington, Eminem and Will Smith, Grazer shows how the simple act of looking someone in the eye can be the most important step in creating human connection and changing the nature of a relationship, and, ultimately, the course of your life. Grazer discovers that the eyes truly are the windows to the soul.

Grazer is evangelical about the ways in which something as simple as eye contact can enrich your career, your business, and your personal life. The message of this book can be applied to every encounter you have on a daily basis, whether it's with a colleague at work or an old close friend. Thinking about eye contact and practicing how to use it can change your life.

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard have been one of Hollywood's most success production partnerships. While Ron Howard is the public face of the partnership, Brian has been hailed as a highly influential creative producer with a keen commercial sense of what makes a movie work. He has helped launch the careers of such celebrities as Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton, Meg Ryan, and John Candy. He first teamed up with Ron Howard on "Night Shift," and "Splash" in the 1980s and since then, the two have produced and director some of Hollywood's most successful Academy-Award winning films including "Apollo 13," "A Beautiful Mind," and "Parenthood." In addition, Grazer is one of the top producers for such TV series as "Arrested Development" and "24." In a nutshell, he knows EVERYONE (his friend artist Jeff Koenig designed the jacket for A Curious Mind as a favor to Brian - for free). We will be speaking with Brian soon to develop an extensive marketing plan (he has no problem appearing on any TV show he wants and his celebrity friends will definitely tweet about the book prior to publication).

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