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Build Your Personal Highlight Reel and Ulock Your Potential

by Cable, Daniel M.

Professor of Occupational Behavior at London Business School, Dr. Daniel Cable builds on his groundbreaking research in this practical three-step guide to creating your own highlight reel and using it to find success, fulfillment, and deeper connections.

EXCEPTIONAL showcases humanity's fascination and fear of death. From Lazarus comics, funeral houses offering services for the living, and discussing death over dinner, this book shows us why we're drawn and repelled by the prospect of our own demise. In this unexpected new book, Cable shines a light on how we've evolved fear of our own deaths and uncovers the psychology of how this fear keeps us from sharing stories with others. The book then encourages readers to collect evidence of their best qualities and teaches us how to identify our unique strengths and trigger them daily. In this uplifting guide, Cable refocuses our attention on what makes us exceptional so we can embrace more creativity, confidence, and joy every day.

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