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Riverdale Avenue Books (2017-02)
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Erotic fiction


by Blacio, Trinity

Best-selling paranormal romance author Trinity Blacio launches the first novel in her number-one best-selling Amazon romance Running in Fear series, with the story of Jaycee Manz, who has been on the run since her 16th birthday.

After growing up fast and depending on no one, how is Jaycee supposed to handle three male werewolves who claim to be her mates? Can she learn to trust them, or will she continue to run?

Her mates are all passionate, strong shifters, and they are all determined to protect her, regardless of what she wants for herself. Together, all four try to find peace and love as the most powerful alphas in the US - Remi, Dane, and Mark - declare war on anyone who stands in their way of claiming their runaway mate.

But can the independent Jaycee be claimed?

In this sizzling werewolf menage, love, lust, and power take center stage in the struggle for ultimate survival, proving that what hits us hard can also make us strong.

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