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by Wolfson, Richard

An engaging exploration of energy’s impact

We live in a world where humans are using more energy with each passing year. This popular text explores the science behind energy production and its impact on the planet. While acknowledging that energy-driven climate change is the dominant energy issue of this century, author Richard Wolfson allows the science to speak for itself; students receive the tools and information they need to weigh challenging trade-offs and draw informed conclusions.

From the laws of thermodynamics, to enery technologies such as combustion, fracking, and solar power - with thorough coverage of the science of climate - Wolfson gives students the background they need to be informed decision makers.

Our use of energy has substantially changed in recent years, driven in particular by the impacts of technologies like fracking and improved alternate-energy solutions. Further, our understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change has deepened, with major impacts now demonstrated in recent IPCC papers and other findings. This text fully updates students on both topics but letzts the science and data tell the story.

Richard Wolfson is the Benjamin F. Wissler Professor of Physics at Middlebury College, where he also teaches environmental studies. He holds a BA in physics and philosophy from Swarthmore College, an MS in environmental studies from the University of Michigan, and a PhD in physics from Dartmouth. His research involves solar astrophysics and terrestrial climate, and he has published nearly 100 papers in the scientific literature. Wolfson’s other books include several introductory physics texts, as well as Nuclear Choices: A Citizen’s Guide to Nuclear Technology (1993) and Simply Einstein: Relativity Demystified (2003). He has five video courses for the Teaching Company’s Great Courses series: Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Nonscientists (1999); Physics in Your Life (2004); Earth’s Changing Climate (2007); Physics and Our Universe: How It All Works (2011); and Understanding Modern Electronics (2014).

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