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Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children

by McGregor, Sheri

In Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children, Sheri McGregor, M.A., helps parents break free from emotional pain - and move forward in their own lives.

As a loving mother to whom the unthinkable happened, McGregor knows the horrible shock that wrings a parent dry, triggers denial, blame, anger, and shame. With empathy and understanding, as well as tools, the latest research, and insight from more than 9,000 parents of estranged adult children, McGregor helps parents of estranged adults plan ahead, prepare for emotional triggers, and prevail over setbacks and pain.

You can be happy again. In a calm yet authoritative voice, and with exercises derived from her work as a life coach and her own recovery, McGregor helps mothers who did their best to come to terms with their estranged adult child's choices, and regain their health and happiness.

To fathers of estranged adult children - this book can help you, too. "Ninety-three percent of the parents who answer my survey at RejectedParents.Net are mothers," says Sheri McGregor. "That's why the title is directed at them. But many of the book's examples are from couples, and include the experiences of fathers. Some passages directly highlight men's reactions, including my husband's. The principles presented are relevant to fathers, and the strategies for coping can be used by anyone."

In this encouraging and comprehensive book, McGregor fully covers the phenomenon of estranged adult children from families who never expected a son or daughter to cut ties and walk away.

Nine in-depth chapters provide dozens of inspiring examples from among the thousands of parents of estranged adult children. Gain understanding and practical help from a mother who knows the pain of this devastating loss with all its uncertainty and heartache. Hope can remain, but you don't have to stay stalled, forever waiting. You can move past the disbelief and distress. Take charge. Reclaim yourself and your life - only maybe even better.

Sheri McGregor holds a degree in psychology, a Master's degree in human behavior, and is a certified life coach. She serves on the advisory board for National University's College of Letters and Sciences. McGregor's articles on psychology, health, human behavior, and a variety of other topics have appeared in dozens of national and international publications and she has written for anthologies, websites, and organizations including the non-profit Families for Depression Awareness. McGregor is the founder of

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A breath of fresh air offering a new perspective and providing support, encouragement, resources, and compassion to good parents who have found themselves in an unimaginable situation.

Quote: Maritza Parks, LMHC, Inspired Journeys Counseling

This wonderful book will help you see how you can hold your chin up high, dry your eyes, and get on with your life.

Quote: Joi Sigers, Self Help

DONE WITH THE CRYING was a finalist for the Foreword Reviews Indies Book Award (self-help)

Quote: Foreword Reviews

For parents suffering at the hands of an adult child who no longer wants to include them in their lives, Done With the Crying may be the only resource they can find that will tell them what to do next.

Quote: Tamara Hill, Psych Central

I am a Family Practice doctor and none of my training in psychiatry or medical textbooks helped me through the healing process, but Done With the Crying did! I recommend this book as first-line treatment.

Quote: Dr. Alison Garza, M.D.

DONE WITH THE CRYING received the Bronze medal of the Living Now Book Awards (personal growth - self help)

Quote: Living Now Book Award

This is my best resource to assist families whose adult children have rejected them. In my role as a family life educator, I work with those affected by a loved one's mental illness, and the sad phenomenon of estrangement is rampant. I've searched for resources and education, but there is precious little available to help rejected parents move forward. It did not take me many pages in to see the value for my work, and I often recommend this compassionately written book to parents and families who are in so much pain.

Quote: Mara J. Briere, MA CFLE, President and Founder, Grow a Strong Family, Inc.

Done With the Crying... provides much time for reflection, for taking time to think about one's life and to read the stories of other women who are going through a similar situation. The book is easy to read, and provides much support and insight in a gentle and understanding way.

Quote: Hennie Weiss, M.A., Metapsychology Online Reviews

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