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For Parents of Estranged Adult Children

by McGregor, Sheri

As readers have requested, Sheri McGregor's new release, the Done With The Crying WORKBOOK for Parents of Estranged Adult Children compliments her award-winning self-help book, Done With The Crying. The Workbook concentrates the exercises in a larger format that provides more writing space for the deeper insight readers find useful.

Meant as a supplement to the book readers call "the bible for estranged parents" and say is "better than therapy," the Workbook helps audio- and e-book readers to make the concepts more personal. The exercises facilitate self-discovery and growth, which helps parents of estranged adults to move forward in their own lives.

Those who are revisiting the recovery concepts or who have been estranged yet again will find the Workbook convenient. By applying the information, parents can take charge of their emotional health and move beyond the sorrow to new meaning and joy.

Sheri McGregor holds a degree in psychology, a Master's degree in human behavior, and is a certified life coach. She serves on the advisory board for National University's College of Letters and Sciences. McGregor's articles on psychology, health, human behavior, and a variety of other topics have appeared in dozens of national and international publications and she has written for anthologies, websites, and organizations including the non-profit Families for Depression Awareness. McGregor is the founder of

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DONE WITH THE CRYING - WORKBOOK is #3 on Amazon (in Parent & Adult Child Relationships)

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