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An Illustrated Guide to Getting Swole

by Ruberto, Fil

An illustrated workout guide for the serious workout enthusiasts, containing 100 exercises, epic total-body workouts, and an 8-week fitness plan that will take your exercise regimen to the next level.

This is not your ordinary fitness book. This is a serious fitness guide from personal trainer, fitness instructor, and Deezify founder Fil Ruberto who tells how anyone can get pumped and strong. Featuring more than 100 illustrated exercises, custom bodybuilding routines, and an 8-week fitness plan, this handbook tells fitness fanatics everything they need to know about getting those gains. In signature Deezify fashion, you'll not only be inspired and motivated but also educated by a cast of epic, creative, and hilarious characters - including Vikings, historical figures, and mythological creatures - while targeting all areas of your body.

Fil Ruberto is the founder of the fitness brand Deezify. He has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Architectural Science and is also a Canfitpro personal trainer specialist, fitness instructor, kettlebell instructor, and certified in ViPR, Bosu Ball, and SMRT. He has a strong presence online with 84k followers on the @Deezify Instagram and 2.6k on Facebook. His illustrated workout routines often get hundreds, if not thousands, of likes, and his followers have been asking for a book for quite a while.

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