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by Melmed, Laura KraussRich, Sarita

As twilight deepens, so does the bond between a little boy and his daddy.

After getting home for the day and having dinner, a young boy is ready for some special time outside with his father.

It's the Magic Hour, when the sun is going down and day meets night. As Daddy and son walk to the playground for some lively fun, they see their neighbors going through their evening ritualswatering plants, walking dogs, going for a run. As darkness sets in, Daddy and son quiet down and find fireflies, then make their way home to Mommy and bedtime.

Dads and kids will love this sweet celebration of time spent together.

Laura Krauss Melmed is the author of many award-winning picture books, including the classic lullaby, I Love You As Much and The Rainbabies. Sarita Rich is the illustrator of Hypnosis Harry.

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A boy cherishes the twilight stroll he takes with his father through their neighborhood to the park. ... As the evening gets darker, the scenes broaden into full-bleed spreads that focus on the special moments that the boy and his father share in the park, surrounded by fireflies. A bedtime kiss from the boy's mother concludes this tender outing.

Review: Publishers Weekly

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