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Adventures for Kids Learning Computer Code

by Garland, Ian

Whether brand-new to coding or looking for more hands-on learning, Coding for Minecrafters helps young coders advance in technology education by leaps and bounds - and have fun doing it!

This fun and educational activity book Introduces kids to the world of coding through the Minecraft world they love. Colorfully illustrated characters and themes from their favorite video game bring the excitement of coding to life, while easy-to-follow screenshots guide them through activities. With adventures that include design, music, animation, gaming, and more, learners will discover tons of ways coding connects to other activities they love and how far a little imagination and invention can take The End and beyond!

1. Minecrafting-themed characters help kids become master coders
2. Kid-friendly concepts and steps designed specifically for ages 8-12
3. Great games, mods, experiments, and more teach computational thinking - how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller, more manageable problems

Ian Garland fell in love with coding at a young age and now shares his knowledge through writing. He's passionate about video games, particularly the behind-the-scenes programming and applications as teaching tools. Ian lives in Perth, Scotland, where he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and his dog Bailey.

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