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The New Home Cooking

by Kimball, Christopher

From celebrated cooking icon Chris Kimball comes Milk Street Kitchen, a new imprint of books that is leading the revolution in American home cooking.

Milk Street is not just a new brand. It's a place, located at 177 Milk Street in downtown Boston, featuring a 4,000-square-foot R&D kitchen that is both a television set and the site of a retail cooking school. It is a television show, produced by WGBH and airing in September 2017 to an anticipated starting audience of 1.5 million viewers. It is a bimonthly magazine that is expected to reach 300,000 subscribers in its first year. It is a radio show on 300 public radio stations, and a podcast that features 6 million downloads a year.

Milk Street will build on established, tried and true techniques for American cooking to lead home cooks to new, easy, trustworthy ways to make the food they love to eat. THE MILK STREET COOKBOOK will be the brand's flagship book, with recipes and techniques tied to their TV show and updated yearly with new recipes featured.It will also showcase Milk Street's methods for innovating on the classics of American home cooking, with techniques, flavors, and ingredients pulled from global traditions and translated for American tastes.

For decades, Christopher Kimball has promised the home cook that the recipes would work. They did. Now he can elevate the quality of your cooking far beyond anything you thought was possible.

Christopher Kimball's Milk Street is located in downtown Boston--at 177 Milk Street--and is home to a cooking school, a bimonthly magazine, and public television and radio shows. This is Milk Street's first book.

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Making simple, healthy, and exciting food is more accessible than ever.

Review: Rewire

a "brand-new title that's going to make you love being in the kitchen."

Review: Library Journal

An intellectual and business powerhouse of American recipes.

Quote: Kim Severson, The New York Times

As the leader of an elite squad of talented recipe doctors, Kimball tossed aside inherited cooking truisms in favor of insights... earned through countless hours clocked in the, yep, test kitchen.

Review: Epicurious

All the recipes offer the reliability that Kimball is famous for, and there are lists of pantry staples and cooking tips included with some recipes to help readers get dinner on the table with ease...Egg dishes go from a simple scramble cooked in olive oil to curry braised eggs that promise to reinvent breakfast, and possibly dinner. Vegetable recipes are particularly interesting... [and] Kimball's fans will be pleased with this latest cookbook.

Review: Publishers Weekly

Bound to cause his fans to rejoice... even though its production values may be in the coffee-table league--a full-color image appears opposite every recipe--this book is designed for hard, occasionally sloppy, countertop duty. Recipes and accompanying photographs are contained on a single two-page spread, meaning that there is no frustrating flipping back and forth... The book fulfills its promise of sourcing the world's cuisines in search of flavor bombs that are made easy to produce in American kitchens.

Review: Wall Street Journal

New, exciting, and revolutionary... with recipes that reflect the multicultural world we live in, Christopher Kimball's Milk Street: The New Home Cookingembraces global flavors with a fervor... [its] smart, encompassing recipes... [are]game-changing.

Review: Houston Chronicle

The dishes are bold, fresh, and easy to prepare... frees home cooks from thinking they need to know rules or need to be star chefs for their food to be valid.

Review: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

This approachable book compiles an array of global recipes that are bold in flavor, yet simple enough for the home cook. Try the mouth-watering soups, such as Spicy Red Lentil Stew and Spanish Garlic. And be sure to pay attention to the technical tips along the way.

Review: RealSimple

I love it. And if you're intrigued by international cooking, you will love it too... The recipes are easy and uncomplicated, but they introduce you to a new way of looking at ordinary dishes.

Quote: Donna Maurillo, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Geeky gourmands will find Milk Streetto be mandatory reading... Cultures collide on plates [and] layered spices unleash flavors just as well as slow cooking unlocks them.

Review: Boston Herald

Overall gold... You already know and trust him from his years leading the way on America's Test Kitchen. Now, he's adding a different kind of spice to life... through his recipes and his research, he aims to connect us all.

Review: Tasting Table

Milk Street"is a story of how the world cooks. Let's join them.

Quote: Kate McDonough, The City Kitchen

Fans...will find much to love in Kimball's... approach here, explaining the whys and hows of recipe revisions to consistently produce the best results at home... Overall, with its testing notes, short ingredient lists, and firm directions (each recipe has a "don't" section), this volume is a trustworthy and easy-to-use collection of international flavors from one of the nation's best cooking teachers.

Review: Booklist

The book is so beautiful... I can't wait to try it.

Quote: Rachael Ray

Features a vibrant global grab bag of flavors and methods, made accessible for the home cook through more than 125 thoughtful recipes.

Review: Boston Magazine

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