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by Ord, MandyWild, Margaret

A soulful and heartwarming story about what happens when a pavement artist's drawing comes to life.

Barnaby is a pavement artist.
This morning he started drawing me.
I have a head that can think, eyes that can see,
ears that can hear and legs that can run.
Best of all, I have a heart that can feel.
Thank you, Barnaby.

Margaret Wild has always pushed boundaries in her picture book texts - compressing epic themes into simple, powerful language that speaks directly to children and adults alike. Chalk Boy does exactly this again - creating a story about the beauty and transience of life using the metaphor of a pavement artist and a character he invents.

Margaret Wild is a much-loved picture-book author of many award-winning books, including Fox and Old Pig. She has been published widely around the world and has been the recipient of the Nan Chauncy Award and the Lady Cutler Award for her contributions to Australian literature.

Mandy Ord is a bold, original artist and comic-book maker. Her books include Rooftops, NY and Sensitive Creatures.

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