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Crime & mystery fiction


by Swierczynski, Duane

It's dangerous enough when an ordinary college girl turns confidential informant. Even more dangerous when she's smarter than the kingpins, killer, and cops who control her.

Honors student Sarie Holland is busted by the local police while doing a favor for her boyfriend. Unwilling to betray him but desperate to avoid destroying her future, Sarie has no choice but to become a confidential informant (CI).

Philly narcotics cop Ben Wildey, toiling in a department rocked by scandal, is hungry for a career-making bust. The detective thinks he's found the key in Sarie Holland: her boyfriend scores from a mid-level dealer with alleged ties to a major drug ring.

Sarie turns out to be the perfect CI: a quick study with a shockingly keen understanding of the criminal mind. But Wildey, desperate for results, pushes too hard and inadvertently sends the 17-year-old into a death trap, leaving Sarie hunted by crooked cops and killers alike with nowhere to run and nothing to save her--except what she's learned during her harrowing weeks as an informant.

Which is bad news for the police and the underworld. Because when it comes to payback, CI #1373 turns out to be a very quick study...

Duane Swierczynski is the author the Edgar-nominated and Anthony Award-winning Expiration Date, as well the Shamus Award-winning Charlie Hardie series (Fun & Games, Hell & Gone), which has been also been nominated for Anthony, Macavity and Barry awards and is currently being developed by Sony Pictures Television. Duane has also collaborated with CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker on a series of bestselling “digi-novel” thrillers which include Level 26: Dark Origins, Dark Prophecy and Dark Revelations. In a previous life, he worked as an editor and writer for Details, Men’s Health and Philadelphia magazines, and was the editor-in-chief of the Philadelphia City Paper.

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A hip, dead smart novel, an entertaining start to what promises to be an addictive action trilogy Australian Harks back to those days when the situations were dire but the delivery was light, in the best possible way. A terrific read.

Review: Courier Mail

Duane Swierczynski is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the book world...This guy is a great storyteller. I never know what he is going to come up with or where he is going to take me. I just know I won't be complaining about a thing once I get there.

Quote: Michael Connelly

...slightly preposterous but tough-to-put-down...I can barely tear myself away from this book...

Review: Library Journal

We’ve sold rights Lannoo in Holland and Rivages in France.

Quote: Inkwell

If non-stop, cool action sequences with fun characters are your thing, you need to read some Swierczynski stories Wired The compelling premise pulls all our paranoid strings, and Swierczynski, like a mad scientist twirling dials, ratchets the tension ever tighter... the most unusual thriller series in a long, long time.

Review: Booklist

Inventive Swierczynski, author of the popular Charlie Hardie trilogy (Point and Shoot, 2013, etc.), breathes fresh life into a familiar plot with shifting perspectives, sly humor, puckish chapter titles and a crackerjack pace.

Review: Kirkus

The premise may be absurd, but it's good enough to propel the breathless action scenes that make Swierczynski's cinematic novels so much fun to read - on the couch or on the run.

Review: New York Times

Packs enough indestructible villains to satisfy a Die Hard fan, and each chapter ends on a cliffhanger... Written in deadpan sentences and funny as can be, this first installment of a projected trilogy left me greedy for more.

Review: Bloomberg

A furiously paced tale that cries out to be filmed...such breathless enthusiasm and good humour that it is easy to settle back and devour the book in a single go. Great fun.

Quote: Canberra Times

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