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Dial Books for Young Readers (2020-06-09)
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by Neilson, Emily

CAN I GIVE YOU A SQUISH by Emily Neilson is a timely and kid friendly picture book that teaches an important lesson about consent. It's for over-exuberant little huggers, nestled inside a lighthearted, summery story about expressions of love and friendship.

Kai is a little mer-boy who's big on hugs--or "squishes," as he and his mama call them. Not everyone's a fan of Kai's spirited embrace though, which he discovers soon after squishing a puffer fish, who swells up in fright! Kai feels awful; but with the help of his friends, he figures out another way to show his affection, and then everyone demonstrates their preferred ways of being greeted. Because, as Kai realizes, "Every fish likes their own kind of squish."

Main selling points:
Consent story: Fills a gap in the market for early education about bodily consent--in this case hugging--in a charming, fun, and distinctly non-preachy way.
Mer-boy appeal: This story is at the intersection of pop-culture love for everything mermaid and a call for books featuring boys in nontraditional roles. Kai's high energy and demonstrative show of emotions will appeal to both boys and girls.
Perfect for summer: Delectably cool blue-green underwater scenes entice readers to dive right in.

Emily Neilson is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, now working at an animation studio in Portland, Oregon. This is her first book.

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