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The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story and the Remaking of American Comedy

by Nashawaty, Chris

Caddyshack is one of the most beloved comedies of all time, a classic snobs vs. slobs story of working class kids and the white collar buffoons that make them haul their golf bags in the hot summer sun. It has sex, drugs and one very memorable candy bar, but the movie we all know and love didn’t start out that way, and everyone who made it certainly didn’t have the word “classic” in mind as the cameras were rolling.

In Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story film critic for Entertainment Weekly Chris Nashawaty goes behind the scenes of the iconic film, chronicling the rise of comedy's greatest deranged minds as they form The National Lampoon, turn the entertainment industry on its head, and ultimately blow up both a golf course and popular culture as we know it. Caddyshack is at once an eye-opening narrative about one of the most interesting, surreal, and dramatic film productions there's ever been, and a rich portrait of the biggest, and most revolutionary names in Hollywood. So, it's got that going for it.which is nice.

Chris Nashawaty is the film critic at Entertainment Weekly, who over his 20-plus years at the magazine has become one of America's foremost movie writers and pop-culture authorities. He hosts a weekly, hour-long movies show on Sirius' EW Radio channel and has appeared on CNN, NPR, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. He has also written for Wired, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Fortune, and Grantland. He is the author of a book about B Movie producer Roger Corman called CRAB MONSTERS, TEENAGE CAVEMEN, AND CANDY STRIPE NURSES.

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It's 'Alright': How Kenny Loggins Helped Change Music in Film With 'Caddyshack

Quote: Billboard

5 wild things we learn about the Bill Murray comedy in new tell-all book

Quote: USA Today

Sex, drugs, and the making of "Caddyshack": A new book details movie's slow rise to greatness.

Review: Golf Digest

Wonderfully written and impeccably researched, Caddyshack is a treat for fans of the movie or anyone who cares about comedy and its flawed practitioners.

Quote: Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author

Caddyshack is an American classic born out of both design and happy, slacker accident. The story behind its making is in a way as fascinating and hilarious as the movie itself. This made me love the movie more. And I didn't think that was possible.

Quote: Will Leitch, founder of and author

An incisive, definitive portrait of an epoch in the evolution of comedy - told through the improbable saga of the making of a beloved, oddball classic - that solves one of the enduring mysteries of the movie business: How in the name of Bushwood’s gopher did this fractured fairytale ever come together?

Quote: Mark Frost, Co-creator of Twin Peaks, New York Times Bestselling author

Fore! Why the new book about 'Caddyshack' is better than the movie... sterling example of how to construct the story behind the story...

Review: Dallas Morning News

UK: Abner Stein

Quote: Chase Literary

This is a tough, sharp history of comedy and competitiveness, of rising stars and brilliant upstarts. Of difficult egos, awful behavior, fragile friendships, bursts of inspiration, and blizzards of cocaine—told by the survivors and shaped by Chris Nashawaty's welcome insight and perspective.

Quote: Mark Harris, New York Times bestselling author

Film Critic Chris Nashawaty Explores the Making of Caddyshack, Nearly 40 Years Later

Quote: Parade

Inside the Caddyshack Scene that Squashed the Bill Murray-Chevy Chase Beef

Quote: Sports Illustrated

Funny? Of course. But Chris Nashawaty's book is also a vivid, surprisingly poignant history of a generation that revolutionized American comedy. Well, and of drugs. Lots of drugs.

Quote: Chris Smith, New York Times bestselling author

Much more fun to read than the movie was to watch... [a] scene-stealing book.

Review: Washington Post

Chris Nashawaty has written a ridiculously funny book that is also tragic, sweet, profane and profoundly entertaining. It's full of sex, drugs and gopher holes, of course. But Nashawaty also tells, through Caddyshack, the origin story of modern comedy. The result is a richly reported book as rollicking and quotable as the film at it honors.

Quote: Steve Rushin, writer for Sports Illustrated and author

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