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Organize and Revise Any Manuscript with the Book Architecture Method

by Horwitz, Stuart

A simple, step-by-step guide to revising any manuscript, based on Stuart Horwitz’s proven Book Architecture Method™.

Blueprint Your Bestseller offers a literal blueprint for revising one’s manuscript based on the Book Architecture Method™, which Stuart Horwitz has used to help New York Times bestselling authors get from first to final drafts. The Book Architecture Method™ focuses on scene, series, and theme to help writers see what is going on in their manuscript at the structural level. Horwitz offers exercises to help writers identify and structure their scenes, providing them with concrete guidance through each step of the revision process. Blueprint Your Bestseller offers a method for revision – not a formula. It can be applied to fiction, narrative nonfiction, and across media to theater, film, and TV. The method can be used on manuscripts in various stages – whether writers have a complete draft or are stalled at their first 100 pages. In all cases, it will help a writer rework an entire manuscript to create a sound narrative architecture – and have a better shot at the bestseller list. Stuart Horwitz is the founder of Book Architecture, an independent editing firm, whose clients include several New York Times bestselling authors. An award-winning poet and essayist, he teaches at Grub Street in Boston. Stuart is a frequent speaker at the nation’s largest writers’ conferences. Author website:

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