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Harvill Secker (2013)
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Thriller / suspense fiction


by Yates, Christopher J.

A compulsively readable psychological thriller set in New York and at Oxford University, in which a group of six students play an elaborate game of dares and consequences with tragic results.

One game. Six students. Five survivors. It was only ever meant to be a game played by six best friends in their first year at Oxford University; a game of consequences, silly forfeits, and childish dares. But then the game changed: the stakes grew higher and the dares more personal and more humiliating, finally evolving into a vicious struggle with unpredictable and tragic results. Now, 14 years later, the remaining players must meet again for the final round. Who knows better than your best friends what would break you?

A gripping psychological thriller partly inspired by the author's own time at Oxford University, this is perfect for fans of The Secret History and The Bellwether Revivals. The author's background in puzzle writing and setting can clearly be seen in the plotting of this clever, tricky book that will keep readers guessing to the very end.

Christopher J. Yates was born and raised in Kent and studied law at Oxford University before working as a puzzle editor in London. He now lives in New York City with his wife and dog. 'Black Chalk' is his debut novel.

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US: Picador

Quote: Dystel

A very exciting debut - like The Secret History, but so much creepier... This is intellectually challenging psychological thriller writing at a high level.

Review: Shots Mag

An intricate and sinister thriller, in which the truth is slowly and subtly revealed.

Review: Book Time

Psychological thrillers don't get much more complex or twisted than Yate's promising debut... Yates deftly interweaves past and present as he doles out the backstory in pieces without sacrificing plausible character development.

Review: Publishers Weekly, starred review

Television and film rights were optioned by 20th Century Fox on behalf of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer at Imagine Entertainment.

Quote: Dystel

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