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by Lawrinson, Julia

At times funny, at times heartbreaking, this is an ultimately uplifting story about the delicate fabric of family and friendship, and the painful realisation that not everything can remain the same forever.

Amelia’s last year in school is not going well. Although she is part of a specialist art program her art teacher seems to hate everything she does. Her best friend Gemma becomes drawn into the world of online eating disorders and pulls away from Amelia. To make matters worse her father is becoming angry and forgetful, lashing out at the family.
After a difficult period Amelia’s father is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and the relief of having an answer for his behaviour quickly gives way the reality of dealing his illness. Not only must Amelia and her mother deal with the practical issues of managing her father’s illness, but the emotional aspects as well. Amelia struggles with coming to terms with the loss of the father she knew and trying to navigate shifting dynamics within her family, friends, and school.

Early onset Alzheimer’s and Dementia affects those younger than 65. Worldwide there are over 46 million people affected by dementia/Alzheimer’s, with the number predicted to grow to over 131 million by 2050. Before You Forget is a timely exploration of the effects that such an illness can have on the people it effects.

Julia Lawrinson hails from the outer suburbs of Perth, and writes for children and young adults. Her first novel, Obsession, won the 2001 WA Premier's Prize for Young Adult Writing. Since then she has published more than ten novels, including Bye, Beautiful, which was shortlisted for both the QLD and WA Premier's Awards and was a 2007 CBC Notable Book, the popular Chess Nuts, which was 2010 CBC Notable Book, and The Flyaway Girls. Her day jobs have included weighbridge attendant, whopper maker, English lecturer, Sergeant-at-Arms and Usher of the Black Rod. She loves dog beaches, Jack Russells and New York, and has just completed a Bachelor of Laws with distinction.

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