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by Bacon, Michele

When Erin Cerise steps off her plane in Christchurch, New Zealand, she's determined to overcome her losses of swim team captainship, her boyfriend Ben, and her reputation. Her mother is certain studying abroad will regain Erin's chances of a good future. Once Erin meets her uninspiring host family and city, though, she's not so sure.

Before Christchurch, Erin wasn't always intense and focused. Years ago, a mission sounded like a fun adventure, and the only ivy she cared about was the stuff growing around her grandparents' back porch at their peaceful Upper Peninsula home. When had her priorities gone upside down?

Now, Erin balks at NZ's itchy school uniforms, its cold houses, and her hosts' utter inability to pronounce her name correctly. Christchurch does boast amazing rock climbing, gorgeous scenery, and at least one guy who could make her journey worthwhile - if she lets him.
With months ahead of her, Erin slowly begins to draw on the years behind her, one step back into her memories at a time. As she rebuilds herself from the other side of the world, she finds that although her life has been turned upside down and she's far from home, every way she moves takes her closer to where she came from.

Michele Bacon writes novel-length fiction for young adults and older adults. When she's not writing, she's skiing, playing tabletop games, traveling, or dreaming of travel. She lived in Christchurch, New Zealand for over a year, and is eager to return. Today, Michele lives in Seattle with her partner and three children. She is also the author of Life Before.

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Antipodes is an engrossing read about being right side up when you're upside down, and finding yourself when you didn't even know you were lost. When you read Michele Bacon's richly-detailed, fully-realized New Zealand, you'll want to visit. When you meet Hank, you'll want to stay.

Quote: Katie Kennedy, author

Michele Bacon's writing expertly plunges us into a captivating New Zealand setting and Erin's journey as she learns how to whole-heartedly live her life rather than to simply accomplish it. Antipodes is a must-read.

Quote: Natasha Sinel, author

Antipodes is a love story, yes, and as much one about loving ourselves for who and what we are. It's wise, compassionate, and bursting with the bittersweet complexity of adolescence.

Quote: Martha Brockenbrough, author

In the stark, unfamiliar beauty of New Zealand, Bacon's heroine tells an intricately woven story that swims through a murky past to reclaim her own truth; a unique, beautifully written examination of a young woman who rescues herself with strength, humility and resilience.

Quote: Jennifer Longo, author

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