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How the Tech Titans Plan to Stay on Top Forever

by Kantrowitz, Alex

Here, an acclaimed technology reporter reveals the inner workings of the most powerful companies in the world, taking readers behind the scenes with Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Sundar Pichai, and Microsoft's Satya Nadella. At Amazon, "Day One" is code for working inventively and urgently, as if every day were the first day of a startup. Day Two, in Bezos' own words, is "stasis, followed by irrelevance, followed by excruciating, painful decline, followed by death."

Amazon and its fellow tech giants are currently under fire for their size and power, but there's much more to their success than anti-competitive practices and tax avoidance. These companies have kept ahead of the competition by embracing a new leadership model, one built for an age where companies can spin out new products and services at record speed.

On the inside, these tech giants operate nothing like the corporate giants of the pastlike Exxon and General Motorswhich built core advantages and did everything they could to defend them. For these new goliaths, it's always day one. They are in a constant state of reinvention despite their massive size, understanding that once you become obsessed with the past, you will miss the future.

ALWAYS DAY ONE takes readers deep inside these companies, revealing the uncommon cultures and leadership practices that have kept them from being picked apart by smaller, nimbler competitors. It details how their CEOs will do away with any obstacle blocking the free flow of ideas within their companies, how they're creating systems to bring the best of these ideas to life, and how they're using advanced workplace technologies to make it all possible.

Kantrowitz reveals a new model for propelling dominance at a stage when most big companies begin to decline. And he shows the way forward for anyone who wants to compete withand beatthe existing tech giants.

DEEP ACCESS: Kantrowitz has interviewed dozens of CEOs and employees of the major tech companieson the record, including many first-time interviews and unique scoops.

BUZZFEED PLATFORM: BuzzFeed is already throwing its promotional muscle behind this book, helping Kantrowitz launch a newsletter, the Tech Giant Update. Kantrowitz owns the subscriber list, giving him a direct promotional line into his engaged readers' inboxes.

TECHLASH-RESISTANT: Though all of these companies and most of the major technology firms have come under fire recently, business and tech readers are still hungry for insights about what makes the tech titans tick. Kantrowitz argues that these companies are dominating despite the backlash and the disapproval of the public, making it all the more important to understand what's driving their unstoppable success.

AUTHOR SPEAKING: Kantrowitz has spoken at almost every major technology conference, including South by Southwest, CES, and Web Summit. He will secure speaking slots around publication to promote the book.

Alex Kantrowitz is a senior technology reporter at BuzzFeed News and one of the ten most-cited technology reporters in the world. His work has been referenced by dozens of major publications, from the New Yorker to the Wall Street Journal to Sports Illustrated. Kantrowitz is a graduate of Cornell University's college of Industrial and Labor Relations. This is his first book.

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