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Skyhorse (Spring 2013)
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by Das, Kunal

Professor of Theoretical Physics Kunal Das's THE QUANTUM GUIDE TO LIFE answers the simple question: "Can quantum physics be made relevant and meaningful to a broad readership?"

In school, we all had to learn about Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It was a challenge then and it's still a challenge today. It's a complicated idea filled with counterintuitive insights and impenetrable mathematical formulas. Usually the teacher would try to explain it in terms of day to day life. There would always be some description of trains moving in the same direction but at different speeds, etc. It is true that the majority of people are often intimidated by science in general and theoretical physics in particular. But contrary to popular perception, the real issue is not so much its complexity; rather it is the apparent lack of tangible connections of the quantum world with people's life experiences. THE QUANTUM GUIDE TO LIFE will change all that. It will explain our everyday experiences in terms of universal physical laws: why is it that it is harder to parallel park in a small space than it is to move the car out of that space? The Second Law of Thermodynamics casts some light on this frustrating fact of life. How does The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle explain why you can't have your cake and eat it too? How can Einstein's Theory of Relativity help us understand why we see our lives differently as we age? Professor Das addresses these questions and many more in THE QUANTUM GUIDE TO LIFE with a clarity and wit that will allow us to understand our lives a little more while giving us an intuitive grasp of the laws of modern physics.

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