by F.T. BradleyAlan Bradley

Verlegt von HarperCollins Children's Books (October 2012)

In the tradition of "National Treasure" and the Alex Rider series comes middle-grade action/ adventure series LINCOLN BAKER AND THE LAST PROTECTORS, in which 12 year-old junior agent Lincoln Baker and his ally Francoise Baillard solve clues to find and preserve ancient artifacts, hidden by a secret organization dating back to the Great Library of Alexandria but now under threat from a powerful criminal enterprise.

F.T. Bradley got her start writing short stories, some of which were published in places like Discount Noir, Stories for Children and Shred of Evidence. She's originally from the Netherlands, and still likes to travel, like Linc, whenever she gets a chance. Fleur lives in Colorado with her husband and two daughters, where she loves to spend her evenings reading, digging through history books, or watching the History Channel for more story ideas.

The second book in the series takes Linc to the Bahamas, where he learns to be a better swimmer and to scuba dive along with Frankie. Frankie's father has passed away, and a document is recovered in a safety deposit box in his name. The document takes them to the Mediterranean, where Linc struggles to figure out who he can trust, when even Arthur Black seems to be keeping secrets. His elusive alter Benjamin Green keeps showing him up along with the Drake Organization, making the hunt for clues to the location of the lost city of Atlantis a tough one.
After his successful discovery of Atlantis, a new clue leads Linc to Florida. Along with Frankie, he begins the search for clues to the location of the Fountain of Youth. This time, Benjamin Green seems to be out to sabotage their every move but without success. The hunt quickly brings the two to China, where they walk the Great Wall and think they may have found the Tree of Life. As Linc and Frankie find clues, they uncover an ancient connection between the Drake family and the Protectors. Just as the team thinks they've outsmarted Julius Drake, Frankie disappears, and all seems lost. But Frankie has left them a clue about her location, taking Linc to Amsterdam to find her.

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