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by Rizzo, Sergio

One of the most acclaimed Italian journalists brings us into the not-so-unimaginable story of an hypothetical catastrophe that is very close to our hearts and minds.

What would happen if, in a few months' time, the Italian government were to secretly plot an exit from the Eurozone? And what would be the consequences, if we went back to the old currency?

The stock markets would sink, the banks would shut down ATMs, capital ffight would immediately break out. Unemployment and poverty would spread to all the corners of the country.
In a climate of hate, racism and total ignorance that pervades the whole of Europe - not to mention thte rest of the world - Italy would be forced to sell its monuments to the foreigners, with the Russians granting themselves Pompeii for ninety-nine years and the Chinese offering 100 billion Euros for the Colosseum.

Sergio Rizzi paints an extraordinarily realistic picture of the consequences of Italexit in an apparently dystopic novel that is nonetheless worryingly likely.

Sergio Rizzo is an Italian journalist and essayist who is expert in both Italian and international financial affairs. He is currently vice-director of the «Repubblica» newspaper. Together with Gian Antonio Stella, he authored the investigative book La casta that was one of the greatest successes of 2007, with over 1.2 million copies and 22 editions, and opened a vast debate on the quality of the national ruling class and its relationship with the voting public.

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A novel set in the near future, in which Italy's exit from the single currency engulfs the country in a science-fictionesque political and social situation. But only to a certain point.

Review: Luca Bottura, La Repubblica

Rizzo sets out to visualise an exit from the Euro. Be warned it's a nightmare!

Review: Vanity Fair

Such a plausible dystopia that it actually seems real. An effort to look beyond the abyss that our country is facing.

Review: La Repubblica

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