Wittgenstein’s World

 Philosophy in 3D: If it’s hard to explain, build it!Build Wittgenstein? Science slammer Hanno Depner has created this philosophy kit to explain one of the most essential works of modern thinking – the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s „Tractatus logico-philosophicus“ is the quintessence of his thinking about the world. Thanks to this book you can make it come to … Continued

Kant in a box

Kant in a box!A fun gift book for aspring students of philosophy. Cut out, glue, paste, put together, drink some coffee. Then, understand the idea of everything. In a box. It takes 30 minutes. Maybe more. Not more than an afternoon. We’ve tested. Watch the movie and the fast slide show.We represent translation rights to … Continued

What Is So Bad About Capitalism?

In his short new book, Jean Ziegler, Swiss sociologist and advisor to the UNHCR explains what’s wrong with capitalism. Told in the form of a conversation with his grand-daughter, this analysis is brilliant, provocative and highly readable. Published by C.Bertelsmann in German and by Seuil in the French original.

Erich Maria Remarque: 50th Anniversary in September 2020

On 27 September 1970 Erich Maria Remarque died in Locarno, Switzerland. For millions of readers around the world, ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (German original: Im Westen nichts Neues) is the quintessential antiwar novel. In addressing the horrors of war it has not lost any of its power since when it was first published … Continued